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Abnormal Load Transport

Heavy Equipment Tranportation

Abnormal load

Our abnormal load transport division is state of the art, employing the finest fleet of vehicles and purpose built heavy load trailers for heavy out of gauge transport. We only employ the most responsible and experienced drivers ensuring that we are one of the preferred transport companies in South Africa. We have an excellent safety record of machine and plant moving, as well as factory relocation services across South Africa and SADC countries. We currently service a top client base across Southern and Central Africa.

Technical Load Solutions puts a lot of energy into ensuring that goods entrusted with us get to site in the same condition as when we collected them. This is quite an achievement when you consider some of the goods we transport regularly like wine tanks, presses and patrol boats that cost literally millions of rands each and have to be handled with utmost care to avoid loss.

We pride ourselves in our achievements as a rigging and abnormal load transport company and we are dedicated in giving our customers the best service at affordable abnormal transport rates!

We work in all SADC countries and regularly take abnormal loads into Zambia, Mozambique, Botswana and Namibia and we are currently looking forward to doing work into Angola.

We see every abnormal load trip and job as an opportunity to really shine as a project transport partner and our drivers utilize a strict loading, travel and offloading code to ensure that our client's valuables get there on time and untarnished.

Our transport fleet consists of 3 Mercedes Benz horses and trailers with height clearance of as low as 45cm and as long as 16m. 
Technical Load Solutions are truly specialists in moving abnormal loads.

Specialised Transport

Rigging Expert for all specialised cargo into Africa

Technical Load Solutions has extensive experience in moving and handling equipment that requires specialised transport. Wether it be high value plant and machinery or out of gauge equipment, our rigging team will bring it safely to its destination, anywhere in the SADC region of Africa. We know the terrain and what the roads can transport, cross border transport and abnormal loads in Southern Africa runs through our veins.

Our transport fleet and heavy lift equipment is ideal for the transport of heavy machines, plant moving, out of gauge cargo and wide equipment transport.

We have extensive experience in transporting earth moving equipment (yellow equipment), as well as whind and solar farms transport.

We undertake specialised tranport from South Africa into neighboring SADC countries, with regular transport through to Botswana, Mozambique, Namibia and Zambia.

Feel free to contact us for all your logistics services and join our other regular clients who rely on our services for all their transport needs.