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  • - Vertical cylindrical, square, rectangular storage tanks with conical bottom on legs and without legs, flash sloping bottoms with and without legs, conical tops and offset conical tops, variable capacity with floating lid.
  • - Horizontal, cylindrical, rectangular
  • - Heating / cooling jackets
  • - Complete plants for storage, fermentation and temperature control
  • - 2B finish, ring polished, brushed polished
  • - Special tanks on request

Standard Storage Tank

Red Wine Fermentation Tank with big door on top

Standard Storage Tank

Standard Tronconique Red Wine Fermenter

Floating Dome - Red Wine Fermenter

Pressure Vessels
  • - Pressure tanks in stainless steel or carbon steel, vertical or horizontal
  • - Tested according to ASME VIII or BS5500 codes
  • - Jackets for cooling / heating fluids
  • - Total insulation, cladded with stainless steel, welded or fixed
  • - 2B finish, ring polished, mirror polished, brushed polished
  • - Special tanks on request

  • - Custom designed walkways in Stainless Steel, Mild Steel, galvanised or aluminium
  • - Grape intake system from sorting conveyors, off loading bins, destemmer crushers
  • - Custom design for satellite tanks with overhead crane system & punch down system
  • - All cellar accessories

  • Products in Stainless Steel on request

Square tank stackable

Standard Storage Tanks

Our tanks are not stock items, we manufacture to client specifications.